Dynamic Live Band

The new CD is an evolution from the last opus, Photosynthesis, a Jazzy, R&B, Hip Hop concoction that still keeps online “myspace” fans now over 2000 and counting, clamoring for more. The eleven-song conceptual EP is earth-shaking with songs like “In the Madness,” “Hitch Hiking,” “Left Side Limp,” “Sucka Punch,” and fresh jams like “Rumble,” “The Bug,” “First Battle,” and innovative anthems like “Funky Gunna”!This C D was mixed by Myron Dove
(Santana)Nelson Braxton(The Braxton Brothers)& Boone Spooner
( His pop’s is in the Tubes)

Listen to internet and FM radio summer 2006 for the new songs. Spread da word! Dynamic featuring Kimiko Joy will bring it!Non stop:Alternative Soul untill U Drop!!!!!!!!!